It’s Rainy in Taipei: Things to Do in the City When it Pours

The rain shouldn't put a damper on your trip.
by | June 27, 2017

The clouds hanging over the city of Taipei had been looking heavy and gray the entire morning, but it wasn’t until past noon when the rain started pitter-pattering on the pavement before coming to a tropical downpour.

Raincoats on, umbrellas up, the locals went on with their day almost without a fuss. Eager tourists emerging from the Taipei 101 MRT station, however, exchanged looks of disappointment; their plans for the day dampened by the dour weather. Monsoon season had just begun, and there’s no convincing the skies to clear up for a pleasant day of sightseeing.

There’s something enchanting about rainy Taipei, though, and you’ll realize that if you know where to go. Here are rainy day activities you will surely enjoy in the city:

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