It’s Rainy in Taipei: Things to Do in the City When it Pours

The rain shouldn't put a damper on your trip.
by | June 27, 2017

A bookshop that never sleeps, Eslite Bookstore welcomes book lovers 24/7. But time is simply irrelevant in this wonder of a place. With the store’s extensive collection of titles ranging from classic Chinese literature, to contemporary English novels, to the latest issues of Japanese and Korean magazines, bookworms who find themselves in this readers’ haven wouldn’t really notice time passing.

Eslite Bookstore has a number of branches littered across the capital, and each store exudes the same cozy feel bibliophiles crave for some page-turning bliss. But if shopping for other unique finds on top of scouring shelves for books to read sounds like a good idea to you, then head on over to the Eslite Mall, which is just a stone’s throw away from the City Hall MRT Station.

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