It has three bedrooms for eight guests.

Befriend some monkeys over the weekend!

No minimum number of guests required.

Rates start at P4,000 per night.

Google: how to be a cow in New Zealand

Get lost in the beauty of nature at this idyllic beachfront farm stay.

There are two different rooms at the resort.

The perfect place to go off the grid.

The rainforest will be your neighbor.

A home away from home nestled in a 24-hectare farm.

A beach getaway is always a good idea.

This apartment is pet-friendly too.

Up to five guests can be accommodated here.

Bask in the natural magic on the long stretch of beach resorts here in Barangay Binuclutan

This Promised Land has delightful beach huts that will transport you away from your worries.

Sometimes all you need is the beach, some beer, and conversations by the shore.

Make the beach your front yard for a month.

It's always good to find a view that you could own to yourself. Now, who's ready for the summer?

You can play with the owners’ poodles too!

You can bring your pets with you!

Three air-conditioned kubos and a glamping hut — all for you and your fam!