5 Beautiful Destinations Where You Can Go Soul-Searching in the South

Let your sense of wanderlust take over.
by | June 20, 2016

Not everyone can just hop on a plane to Italy, India or Indonesia to get away. As much as we all want to have that ultimate jetsetter lifestyle, life – and we mean work, and all those “adulting” stuff – can get in the way to have moments a la Eat, Pray, Love. But if like Elizabeth Gilbert, you’re also yearning for self-discovery, spiritual nourishment or just a break from routine, here are local, nearby spots that provide the perfect environment for that.  

Eco Saddle, Lake Caliraya

Travel Time: 3 hours

Eco Saddle is a campsite offering a plethora of activities set amidst nature. Whether your idea of soul-searching is chilling by a lake or getting your heart pumping, Eco Saddle can definitely accommodate that. There are also various sports waiting for thrill-seekers like motocross, kayaking, kite-surfing, etc.

But if you’re looking for something more relaxing, Eco Saddle’s floating cottage is incredibly beautiful and mellow. Imagine a quaint, cozy house cruising around a lake. There’s a rocking chair inside for lovely naps and outdoor seating for enjoying the breeze. At any time you feel like breaking free, go ahead and take a quick dip.

Ugu Bigyan’s Potter Garden, Quezon

Travel Time: 3 hours

How about an escapade spent eating scrumptious food and learning a new skill? Ugu Bigyan’s Potter Garden is a Balinese space that houses both. Look forward to sampling the flavors of Quezon beyond Pancit Habhab and Lucban Longanisa. Just make sure you book in advance, as the team needs some time to transform the freshest ingredients available into one delightful and memorable spread. After satisfying your belly, get inspiration from the legendary Ugu Bigyan demonstrating his passion and skills for pottery.

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Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay

Travel Time: 2 hours

At least while you’re at Nurture Wellness Village, you can escape from all elements bringing you stress. What that will be replaced with are green surroundings, relaxing spa services and serene resting places. For lodging, choose among comfortable rooms, luxurious suites and adventurous glamping tents. For food, get ready for gastronomic journey of healthy and tasty meals.

You might also be interested in availing their holistic health services for detox or weight-loss. Just spend a weekend at the Nurture Wellness Village, and you’ll surely come back to the Metro feeling healed and renewed.

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Mount Batulao, Batangas

Travel Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Trying something completely out of your comfort zone might do you some good. You’re after self-discovery, right? You’ll never truly get to know yourself—like your other interests and capabilities—if you don’t try new things. So for hiking newbies, this is something you can start with.

Climbing Mount Batulao is fairly cheap, easy and accessible. Despite that, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view and an awesome sense of achievement. With just some courage and a sense of adventure, you can definitely conquer the climb—just like any challenge you’re going through.

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Moon Garden, Tagaytay


Travel Time: 2 hours

Go past the popular, crowded parts of Tagaytay to go to the secret side of this breezy city. Yes, this tourist-haven actually still has undiscovered (or less-known) spots, and one of which is Moon Garden. It’ll be quite challenging to find it as they don’t have any signs revealing their location. But, hey, its obscurity is a large part of its charm, and that makes Moon Garden all the more appropriate for soul-searching.

Moon Garden’s cottages resemble hobbit stone houses that are rustic, charming and pretty extraordinary. Although quaint from the outside, the cottages are quite spacious on the inside while still being very cozy. Here, you’ll finally be able to hear yourself think, sans distractions and negativity.

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Any other soul-searching spots in the south? Sound off below!

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