BOOKMARK: The Budget Traveler’s Guide to The Eras Tour in Singapore

Don't forget to make the friendship bracelets.
by | August 08, 2023

Are you one of the lucky ones who snagged a ticket to see Taylor Swift in Singapore? You’re probably excited to have the time of your life and sing your heart out, but before you skip to these good parts, we’re here to help you with some ways you can save before and during your trip. After all, flying out to watch a concert needs preparation and budgeting!


Consider flying out of Clark

Flying out of Clark, Pampanga is perfect if you live in the northern area of Metro Manila or you’re from Central and Northern Luzon. Flights in Clark are cheaper since it’s a smaller airport, but it may be a hassle to go there. You might also want to consider the added fees if you’re driving a private vehicle.

But there are P2P (point-to-point buses) coming from NAIA, Trinoma, and Ortigas, which should make plotting your commute battle plan easier. Bus ticket prices start at P300. Find more details here.


Compare flights using Skyscanner or Google Flights

Don’t know where to get started with booking your flights? Airfare is obviously going to get more expensive as the concert dates become nearer and with the existing demand for them, so you might book early. To get the best (and cheapest) flights available, it’s good to use tools like Google Flights and Skyscanner so you can also compare local with international airlines. Sometimes, you might even get better deals from international carriers like Singapore Airlines or Scoot.

You can configure your searches according to your flying preferences, such as legroom and e-mail alerts.


Use shuttles from the airport to the city

Hold off planning your taxi and GrabCar budget when coming from the airport. If you want to save more, there are City Shuttles that travel from Changi Airport to most downtown hotels at S$10 for adults and S$7 for children below 12 years old.

However, the City Shuttle only operates from 7 AM to 11 PM, which might not be ideal for those taking red-eye flights. In case you’re arriving earlier than 7 AM, roam around the airport or catch some sleep at free rest areas across all four terminals. These are called Snooze Lounges, with chairs that even have a socket for charging your devices.

Refer to this page on finding a Snooze Lounge in the terminal where you’re arriving.


Opt for red-eye flights

Speaking of red-eye flights, you might want to consider booking them because they’re generally cheaper. If you don’t mind traveling late at night and arriving early in the morning, go for it!

One of the things to consider when booking them is the free time you’ll have between arrival and hotel check-in since check-in is usually in the afternoon. To kill time, you can rest at Snooze Lounges in the airport, find luggage storage and tour the city, or go around Jewel Changi since there are plenty of dining, shopping, and activity options within the airport.


On booking accommodations


When on the hunt for accommodations, make sure you sign up for the website of your choice to enjoy discounts for members. For example, gives accommodation discounts and free airport transfers for Genius members.

When booking your hostel or hotel, do it in the app instead of using a web browser. These apps have mobile-only prices, which are cheaper than the prices posted on the web.


Go for hostels

If you don’t mind sharing spaces with other people, hostels are the cheapest accommodation you can get in Singapore. After all, you’ll be there to watch a concert and only need a space to sleep anyway. Since hostels offer shared rooms, there are also those that offer free snacks, water, and coffee, which will help you save more.

There are plenty of capsule hostels in different neighborhoods, so it all boils down to the other places you might want to see when you visit Singapore.


Dine in hawker centers

Sure, there are lots of hip restaurants, cafes, and bars you might want to try during your trip, but they’re usually a bit pricey. The best way to go is to eat like locals: find accommodation near hawker centers. These stalls will let you explore many must-try local dishes and they’re relatively cheaper too. With S$4 (approximately P165), you can already buy a filling meal!


Frequent flyers, use your points for discounts

With the airfare ticket prices costing an arm and a leg even for budget airlines, you might as well get as many discounts as you can, especially if you’re a credit card owner. If your card offers travel miles, access to airport lounges, and discounts, use them!


Redeem free tourist experiences


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Since you’ll be in Singapore already, you might as well make the most out of your trip and go sightseeing. Set a budget for popular attractions that have entrance fees (you can get discounted ones online), and don’t forget to redeem the free workshops and experiences through Singaporewards. Find more details here.


Maximize the public transport system

One of the best things about Singapore is its efficient and cheap public transportation system. The train routes may get overwhelming at first, but we suggest downloading the app Moovit for MRT and bus routes. Enter the location you want to go to and the app will provide you the route – complete with information on transfers and directions.

Getting to and from the National Stadium is a breeze too, since there are nearby MRT stations. According to Moovit, the nearest one is Nicoll Highway (CC5), which is an 11-minute walk away. The metro operates until around midnight daily.


Don’t forget to make your friendship bracelets, wear flashy outfits, and take every (concert) moment and taste it!


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