This cafe is giving us tropical city vibes, and we're here for it!

This gorgeous villa has three rooms!

Up to eight guests can stay here.

Get a stunning view of Mt. Arayat from a distance.

Stay warm!

Bon appétit!

Up to 30 guests can stay here.

You can try glamping in the woods here too.

Get a feel of what it’s like to own a coastal home.

Everything’s so pretty!

Feel the romance with a cup of coffee!

The guesthouse can accommodate up to eight guests.

Up to 15 guests can stay here.

It has three bedrooms for eight guests.

So IG-worthy!

They even have an area for your power naps too.

It has a bath tub too!

Perfect for plantitos and plantitas

It has a private pathway to the beach.

A stream is just a few meters away.

This scenic farm stay can accommodate up to 15 guests.