It has three bedrooms for eight guests.

So IG-worthy!

They even have an area for your power naps too.

It has a bath tub too!

Perfect for plantitos and plantitas

It has a private pathway to the beach.

A stream is just a few meters away.

This scenic farm stay can accommodate up to 15 guests.

It's just a two-hour drive from the metro.

Budget stay with killer views.

It's owned by social media influencer Ramon Natcher!

Life is tough; this is one of the many ways we’re coping. 

You'd want to be a morning person to catch the sea of clouds.

It's just an hour away from Baguio.

Rooms are exclusive to your group!

Rent two rooms and you'll have the house exclusively.

Rates at the beachfront huts start at P2,500.

Gearing up for a trip to Davao?

This is your sign to bring the barkada to the island soon!

You can even pick fresh produce for your meals!

Find your little home in the heart of the city.