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It’s not hard to look for pasalubong when in South Korea. Myeongdong alone is brimming with great deals that will give you a bang for your buck—or Won. From buy one get one promos on skincare products to 10+1 specials on pairs of cute and trendy socks, Seoul’s most vibrant shopping district pretty much has everything to help you tick off everyone on your to-buy-for list. There are also massive supermarket chains in the city that you can hit for local snacks and sweets.But if you want to give your friends and family something authentically Korean, head on over to Insadong, Seoul’s most popular neighborhood for regional and traditional goods. Here are some easy-to-pack souvenirs you can get on your visit that your folks will surely love: 


Here's how to save on and make the most out of your trip to the South Korean capital.

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[row] [whole buffer="0"][article_carousel images=""]The pojangmacha isn't one of the most touristy topics you hear about Korea---Seoul, in particular. But it should be. While you can spend a bit (or a lot, really) of your cash in the nice restaurants the South