Must-Try: Manta Ray Dive Wing Ride in Batangas

It’s a first in the country.
by | June 23, 2016

The Philippines is an aquatic playground especially for those who love to explore the mysteries of the underwater world. We’ll never believe you if you say you’re running out of things to do – very unlikely – especially with new activities popping up everywhere. Like have you ever tried the Manta Ray Dive Wing? It’s the newest water sport craze among adventure-seekers that basically lets you fly underwater like a Manta Ray!

This adrenaline-fueled activity (definitely not for the fainthearted, but something all ages can enjoy) involves diving underwater and gripping into the “wing” that is towed by a jet ski. Talk about adrenaline rush.

Once in motion, riders can have full control of the board by steering it up to rise to the surface of the water and inhale air, and by steering it down to resume gliding through beautiful corals and rock formations. It’s really a bit intuitive and does not require much physical force.
Another cool thing about riding a Manta Ray Dive Wing is that you need no training at all – at least when you’re comfortable underwater. But if you’re someone who enjoys snorkeling a lot, then this is another way to explore the reefs.

This activity is currently available at The Sicilian Reef Dive Resort located in Anilao for only PHP500 for 15 minutes and additional PHP50 for every 5 minutes extension.

The resort owner, Jec Umali, shared with We the Public how it feels like: “At first it may feel really overwhelming and a bit scary seeing the rock formations and corals for the first time. But after a few dives you’ll really enjoy it because underwater, everything is so peaceful. And with full control of the dive wing, you can really glide along beautiful corals and even swim along schools of fish.”

Any other fun activities do you know about?

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