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The house is fully air-conditioned and has a hot spring pool.

A five-hectare private estate for you to enjoy.

Movie nights will never be the same.

It'll make you feel right at home!

Your pets are welcome here too.

There are 11 beds in the house, perfect for hosting big groups.

The best of the mountains and sea.

For your family's reunion this holiday season.

You can bring your pets here too.

Find solace in nature at this stunning glass house.

The stylish hut can accommodate 6 guests. Your pets are welcome here too!

The nearest beach is a 10-minute drive away.

Treat yourself to a much-needed change of scenery for a night or two.

So romantic!

It has a bonfire pit in the backyard!

Every corner's just snapshot-worthy.

Don't underestimate their size; these houses come with full amenities.

You’ll have the entire property during your stay.

Have the sea right at your doorstep!

A private beachfront home with a pool!

Your furbabies deserve a change of scenery too.