Visiting Baguio for the forst time?

Get some peace and quiet in the mountains.

It's ~allegedly~ haunted.

Tourists with parked vehicles can enjoy the free ride around the city.

Don't forget to book a reservation to have a secure slot in one of the kubos.

You can even pick fresh produce for your meals!

Planning to go solo?

A change of scenery.

The house is a few minutes away from Burnham Park.

The log cabin has a real and working fireplace and chimney.

The apartment overlooks Burnham Park.

It's like entering an art gallery.

It has three bedrooms that will make you want to stay in instead.

A stylish and cozy space that wouldn't hurt the wallet.

Have a slice of Seoul in the Summer Capital.

The house has three bedrooms and a large bonfire pit.

Enjoy the city's cool weather at this cozy heritage home.

You’ll even have a garden bonfire to yourself.

Make your next trip to the City of Pines truly different in this country-style house

You deserve a cozy Baguio getaway.

Because glamping doesn't have to be that glam.