Visiting Baguio for the forst time?

You’d want to walk this Cornelia Street again.

Get some peace and quiet in the mountains.

It's ideal for digital nomads too.

From haunted houses to mysteries, we've got you covered.

It's ~allegedly~ haunted.

The ideal tour package for first-time visitors.

Tourists with parked vehicles can enjoy the free ride around the city.

A change of scenery.

The house is a few minutes away from Burnham Park.

The log cabin has a real and working fireplace and chimney.

The apartment overlooks Burnham Park.

Get comfy and cozy during your 4-5 hour trip to Baguio.

It won't break the bank!

It's like entering an art gallery.

It has three bedrooms that will make you want to stay in instead.

A stylish and cozy space that wouldn't hurt the wallet.

Have a slice of Seoul in the Summer Capital.

The house has three bedrooms and a large bonfire pit.

It has three bedrooms and a sweeping view of the mountains and tall pine trees.

Enjoy the city's cool weather at this cozy heritage home.