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New photo spot for the gram.

IG-worthy trip to the grocery.

Wishing my backyard can look as beautiful.

Straight out of a Wes Anderson film!

Pretty interiors and good food? Yes please.

So lovely, lovely, lovely.

Truly amazing!

And even beyond!

Nature is truly one with as in celebrating the color of the year. The different shades of blue that come from different bodies of water and the beautiful rich blue color of the sky relaxes our eyes. This week #WindowSeatPH has us in awe with the beautiful shades of blue that nature is showing us.

Ever looked outside the plane as it takes off for flight? Seeing the busy streets, buildings, and trees from above looks way different from above. Everything is smaller and it’ll make you think that the world is simple, no noise, no stress, and no fighting just the beauty of nature. This week on Instagram #WindowSeatPH is showing the beauty of nature from above.

The #WindowSeatPH community chases sunsets.

Let's cap off the week right.

Love Mother Earth.