January 2017

It's the best time to plan your trips!

This year, take your wanderlust off the beaten path.

It's a great new habit to pick up for the new year.


They should just start calling it a music and food festival!

What's on your 2017 solo travel bucket list?

Here's one for every kind of travel motivation you need this year.

It's time to cross out items from you 2017 travel bucket list!

Travel is almost always transformative.

You can even make some while on the road.

There's plenty of fun to be had this month.

Start the year with these mini-adventures!

Ube's so 2016.

Here's to another year of great travel experiences!

Travel on your birthday month, for free!

The third of three parts of a journalist's road trip around the Philippines

Travel in 2017 is just about to get more exciting.

Say hello to your 2017 trips. Book them this week!