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You only need to bring a valid ID and vaccination card to enter.

Watch and catch the waves to your heart’s content.

Find your little paradise near Cloud 9.

Sometimes all you need is the beach, some beer, and conversations by the shore.

Surfing in El Nido, really?

Conquer the waves!

And it includes the Philippines!

Sometimes you don't have to paddle through a busy line-up.

Whether you ride baby waves or hollow barrels.

The ultimate zip line experience on a surf board.

Ready to surf?

The country is one of the best places to surf in the world.

Get the lowdown on “the ultimate surfing experience with Baler’s best.”

Here's one idea about how you can spend the summer.

But there's so much of LU to see, you'll actually need more than one day.

So we have a pretty interesting line up.