August 2016

Minimize, friend. You may be more resourceful than you think.

Plan your year of travel!

Happy Quezon City Day!

Rekindle your love and excitement for the city again.

Believe it or not, you can experience Singapore on a budget.

There are plenty of places to go bike riding in the Philippines!

Who said applying for a visa needs to be so difficult?

We all need a break from everything sometimes.

Where's your next destination?

Through Orwell's vision and Kipling's verses, Myanmar unfolds its wonder, pride and history.

Maurer speaks for Thailand.

Take some time off with your friends.

Some useful tips if you're thinking of doing it!


Because we all want good travel photos!

A complete guide to Bantayan Island.

There are so many things to do!

That place in Greece, though!

Home away from home.

Just a quick drive from the metro!

Explore its many spectacular attractions!