It's a gamechanger.

The #WindowSeatPH community chases sunsets.

Everything looks perfect from such great heights.

Why don't you end the year with a bang?

It’s a whole other world out there.

What's keeping you from seeing the world?

Let’s take time to appreciate the beautiful beaches of our country.

Plan those IG-photos ahead!

The Halloween season may be over, but the beauty and mystique of the Philippines continue to live on. It's never too late to pack your bags and spend your weekends on a fantasy-like adventure, free from the stressful city life.

Eerie, otherworldly, and breathtaking.

Let’s climb that bridge when we get there.

So you finally did it. You traveled to an entirely different city or country alone, and you're totally giving yourself a pat for doing something brave and exciting for once. Good job, self!But a few days into your trip, you

Have a good night’s sleep under the dome.

Let's cap off the week right.