Congresswoman Rihan and her fiancé Jay had a photoshoot straight out of the scenes from CLOY.

After weeks of waiting, we finally get to see what Joseph Gordon-Levitt's project is all about.

Time to go back to basics.

Camping, but make it ~luxe~

It's genius!

Mark your calendars!

The meteor shower lit up the night sky and could be seen by the naked eye.

Takeout has never been this innovative.

They're too pretty to eat.

Be one with the sea.

It will still be visible for the next few days.

They clearly look different from above.

There's never a better time to track your past adventures and organize your memories.

Just magical.

A treat for the kids of the 90s. Next stop: Manila?

Check out this ring of fire on the longest day of the year.

Nothing better than a good cup of coffee with a view.

Your Pinterest dreams IRL, all with Netflix and PS4.

We don't know about you but we're already making plans for 2021.

Ghost hunting, anyone?

This is nothing short of amazing!