...For non-tourism purposes, so don't book that flight yet.

Ready to go on a road trip?

Extra police patrols were needed to break up the crowds.

Vista Residences Inc. has already started cutting down 54 Baguio pine trees.


You might be able to visit Baguio sooner than you think.

But will it withstand Metro Manila flooding?

Who doesn't want that, right?

Head to your local health office now.

Can you blame them, though?

Can we fast forward to 2023, please?

Though international travel isn't allowed yet, Thailand is already preparing itself for foreign tourists.

Could this be the answer to the local tourism industry's woes?

Middle seats or aisle seats will now be left empty.

But it's for locals only.

Your Corregidor dreams will have to be put on hold.

Some good news, at last.

Here's what you need to present.

We're so tired of 2020.

Our favorite destinations are now prepping for the new normal.

So cute!