The villa has a private pool and it’s just five minutes away from beaches.

Soak in the sun, sea, and good company.

It has a private balcony too.

You can stream your favorite shows and movies while chilling in the plunge pool.

The best of the mountains and sea.

It's got everything you'd want or need for a weekend getaway.

Your next favorite hidden spot in Batangas.

For your family's reunion this holiday season.

You can bring your pets here too.

The nearest beach is a 10-minute drive away.

Get your slice of outdoor adventure in the heritage town.

Have a sweeping view of Balayan Bay as your background.

Your dream work-from-paradise setup is now nearer.

You can have the entire property to yourself or rent a room separately!

You deserve a little vacation!

Have the sea right at your doorstep!

All 1.5 hectares of land for you to explore and appreciate.

A private beachfront home with a pool!

Your furbabies deserve a change of scenery too.

No more drawing plans with friends!

No need to spend millions in buying a seafront property.