It’s the first of its kind in the Philippines!

Enjoy half a hectare of beach property.

Go on a road trip heading South!

An experience that’s literally away from the crowd.

It’s just one and a half hours away from the metro!

It's got an amazing view of Mt. Maculot!

A hotel-like experience with a stunning lakefront view.

Go on an adventure for your next beach getaway.

Seeing the scenic volcano has never been this close.

For a unique beach getaway.

Cause you don't have to get fancy just to be happy.

You deserve this vacation.

Go on a Santorini-like getaway.

Get the best views of the sea.

You can also bring your fur babies!

It's just 5-10 minutes from the beach!

It has two swimming pools!

No passports and tickets needed.

If you miss traveling abroad, here's where you should go!

We heard you like serene views by the lake and a good, unspoiled sight of Taal Volcano?

There’s enough space for your whole clan and access to private beaches.