You deserve that relaxing escapade with friends and family.

Yup, it's near the beach too.

It's like a place from a dream.

Go surfing this summer.

Antipolo is easily a crowd favorite weekend destination thanks to it being only a few hours away. It's only a mere one-and-a-half to two-hour ride from the city but the difference in landscapes and views are amazing. You can visit rooftop cafes overlooking the Manila skyline, you can go on hikes in the Sierra Madre mountains, or you can also rent private resorts to chill amidst nature. Since summer is just around the corner, we've rounded up 8 of the best private resorts in Antipolo you can book.

The sea is just a few steps away.

A private, IG-worthy villa!

You'll never want to leave!

A slice of luxury and privacy in one of Batangas' famous shores.

It's an Instagrammable dream!

Still looking for a summer getaway? Check out Batangas' Punta Verde Resort.

A 5-hectare cove to yourself.

Enjoy the calm waters and the cool mountain air breeze at Batas ng Kalikasan.

The best views of the mystic mountain.

So IG-worthy!

The Villa just opened this month!

While we wait for a functional time machine, it's the next best thing.

Time to go on a museum date.

Can you believe this place is just three hours away from the metro?

Tucked in the heart of Balete, Batangas is a gem of a resort that will make you feel like you've traveled all the way to the exotic shores of Bali, Indonesia. A restful paradise away from the bustling city, Cintai

We all need to be pampered from time to time.