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Ready for budol? They have coffee, a photo booth, and merchandise.

Yes, you can take photos.

No need to worry about paying entrance fees separately.

Coffee and history? Sounds like a good plan.

Have a unique cafe experience in the metro.

Yes, these bells are used during special occasions.

Drop by the pop-up library and borrow a book or two.

There's more to Manila than the usual tourist traps.

Going out for a morning stroll can improve your mood.

Outdoor dining experience right in the heart of Intramuros.

It's located near the Andres Bonifacio monument in Lawton.

But will it withstand Metro Manila flooding?

An empty Ayala Avenue looks peaceful.

Check out this free musical fountain experience.

Drink your coffee in style.

In memory of the Battle of Manila's 75th anniversary, this museum is welcoming in visitors for free.

Ready to see where the terrors of the past happened?

Nature is truly one with as in celebrating the color of the year. The different shades of blue that come from different bodies of water and the beautiful rich blue color of the sky relaxes our eyes. This week #WindowSeatPH has us in awe with the beautiful shades of blue that nature is showing us.

Bye to this awful holiday traffic!