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It's an Instagrammable dream!

No such thing as too much wine.

Because we know you miss going to the cinemas.

Be ready to take lots of photos for the gram!

Yes, these bells are used during special occasions.

Your childhood comics come to life!

And a high school student did all the art!

It's just a quick drive away.

It's a small space well-loved by locals.

Most would say a cup of coffee is enough to satisfy them, but what if you could make it better? That is, with some fresh breeze of air and a majestic view. Plenty of new cafes with great views have

Coffee and therapeutic writing? Count us in!

Cozy ambiance and good food — what more could you want for?

Can't go to La Trinidad? Just head over to Cavite!

The long drive might just be worth it!

Your day sure won't be ruined here.

Get a sweet drink *AND* a view!

It's time to head north.

Is this real life or is this a movie set?

Plantitos, plantitas, rise!

We'd love to see more sari-sari-stores-turned-cafes!

It's absolutely magical!