The art comes alive. Literally.

It’s actually a cafe, plus a lot of CGI.

Straight out of a Wes Anderson film!

If passed, Thailand will be the second country in Asia to recognize same-sex partnerships — the first being Taiwan.

So long, multiple-entry visas.

...For non-tourism purposes, so don't book that flight yet.

Looking for: our own Captain Ri.

Everyone's new favorite color.

Oh, to be lost in a sea of flowers.

Is this the prettiest Starbucks branch you've ever seen?

Who doesn't want that, right?

Can you blame them, though?

Can we fast forward to 2023, please?

Though international travel isn't allowed yet, Thailand is already preparing itself for foreign tourists.

And maybe even recreate some of the most iconic scenes.

Are you ready to see the Land of the Rising Sun?

Pretty interiors and good food? Yes please.

Why not?

Cue the uwus.

What a difference a lockdown makes.

Technically, yes. But you should probably think about it.