Spend a Saturday walking around the Tagalog heritage town.

Five days and PHP6,000.

But there's so much of LU to see, you'll actually need more than one day.

Say hello to the award-winning actor in Manila.

So we have a pretty interesting line up.

Includes rooftops, barbecue, and comfy beds!

Backpacking with an infant is possible!

Kamoteng kahoy everywhere!

Lalawigan sa Sugbo.

Pinatubo today.

A fertility festival up north.

Growing up in Siquijor

Trust us, it's worth it!

My heart will Coron.

[article_carousel images=",,,"]Located in the town of Daet, Camarines Norte, Bagasbas is famous for its beach and waves. Aside from being a surfing destination, it is also becoming more and more famous for kiteboarding, paragliding and paramotoring.Aside from these activities, there

There ain't no party like a Bakhawan party.

Anawangin beckons.

[article_carousel images=",,,"] In the T’boli language, the word for “water” and the word for “yes” are the same – el. For “water,” it is pronounced with a short E sound, the lips parted, mouth open, sound flowing outwards.

The methodical tap-tap-tapping of the sticks.

Finding brave in Baler.

 My husband Romy Dorotan and I have been running Purple Yam restaurant in Brooklyn these past few years but I've been going back and forth to the Philippines to research and explore regional food items and tracking down handed-down recipes