Get that resort experience with the luxury of privacy.

Just a few hours' drive from the Metro!

There's a picture-perfect spot in every corner.

Contrary to what you may think, private island getaways aren't just for the rich and famous. There are quite a few private island destinations in the Philippines that are reasonably priced, so no, you don't have to be a multi-millionaire

Get that Bali experience sans expensive plane tickets!

Goodbye, crowded resorts!

It's just one hour away from Makati!

It's just in time for the theme park's 25th anniversary.

You can even hold small weddings, private parties, and other celebrations here.

Worth the road trip!

It's just a drive away.

Cure that cabin fever.

Adventure meets luxury.

Entrance fee is just Php 30.

Wishing we can have our own rest house as scenic as this one.

Wishing we can ~float~ our worries away.

For that late summer getaway.