Breakfast by the river. Could it get any better?

You can bring your pets too.

Different packages are available depending on the number of guests.

There's a pool and a lake - what's your choice?

You can't beat that view.

Go offline and enjoy views of the mystic Mt. Banahaw.

It's like a place from a dream.

Enjoy the calm waters and the cool mountain air breeze at Batas ng Kalikasan.

The best views of the mystic mountain.

While we wait for a functional time machine, it's the next best thing.

Have a private island for the weekend.

Don't have an SO? Bring your friends instead!

Mahatao Island offers a summer of peace and serenity.

You even have to take a boat to get to the campsite.

A Balinese experience in Laguna? Sign us up!

The long drive might just be worth it!

Fall asleep right in the middle of the jungle.

Just imagine all the amazing memories you'll make here.

Get that resort experience with the luxury of privacy.

Just a few hours' drive from the Metro!

There's a picture-perfect spot in every corner.